The game Are you the first to make contact with me?

The game Trace the locations I have set out

The game With whom do you form an insane team?

Before the start of the game

To get into the right mood, you and your team mates receive a ‘personal’ video message from the Mysterious Director before the start of this exciting mission. You will also receive clear instructions so that you can start well prepared.

How the game works

Together, within the time limit, you have to find as many locations in the city center (of a village or town of your choice) as possible. Use the clues to track down the locations, unlock the corresponding tasks and unlock a unique telephone number each time in order to get closer to the Mysterious Director step by step.
In total there are 10 locations to track down and therefore also 10 unique telephone numbers to unlock.

Have you completed the assignment correctly? Then the phone number you unlocked will most likely be correct and you will effortlessly get one of our spies on the phone. Unless, of course, another team beats you to it, in which case the phone line is temporarily busy and you’ll have to try again. Can you feel the adrenaline rising? The clock is ticking…the phone is ringing, who is answering?

Did you make a mistake in the assignment? Then it could be that the phone number you unlock is not quite right either. Nevertheless, you will probably try to call our spy and it could just happen that you get a complete stranger on the line! This can make for a hilarious situation, especially when you try to make yourselves known in code language, but it also increases the tension, because you want to move on to the next location in order to get closer to the victory!

When an assignment is performed well and the solution is correct, one of our spies will give you a clue which will lead you to the next location. The 10 collected solutions/phone numbers together form an ultimate final number!

Goal of the game

If you are the first to make telephone contact with the Mysterious Director via this final number, then you win the game!
The top 3 winners per location will be mentioned in the winners classification on our website. As long as there are no other teams that have performed better in the following game dates, you will keep this honorable place. For the winners that ended the quarter in the winners classification there might be a very challenging surprise!

You will be competing against other teams who have also registered for the game.
The number of other teams playing can therefore vary per date and location.

Where to play

Ontsleuteld can be played throughout the Netherlands, even in your neighborhood!
Take a look here to see which dates and locations are still available.

With whom do you dare this challenge?