Ontsleuteld The game you must have played!

Ontsleuteld I am... the Mysterious Director!

Ontsleuteld Do you know how to expose me? Success!


Become a real spy and track down the Mysterious Director!

Through a ‘personal’ video message that you (and your teammates) receive, a dubious figure challenges you to crack his safe. Why does he do this anyway? It is clear that he likes to play a ‘game’, he does not give in easily.

This coming period, this Mysterious Director will travel throughout the country.
More than 60 cities are the stage for his ingenious master plan.

You now have the unique opportunity to track down and unmask this Mysterious Director! Form a dream team with your family, friends or colleagues and seize this ultimate opportunity!

Ontsleuteld is a very exciting city game that offers the necessary challenges on several levels. Mutual communication, cooperation and connection are the keys to success!

Trace the most special locations in the city and learn to discover the surroundings in a playful and exciting way.

By the way, keep your phone handy because you might be contacted just like that. Trrrrring, trrrrrrring, you’ve been spotted! Are you up to the challenge?

Will you be the first to make contact with the Mysterious Director?

We wish you much success and wisdom!